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One-To-One Sessions with Lloyd

I offer one-to-one sessions to help you sort stuff out.

Over the years, I've helped people:

- expand and enrich their business and social networks

- think more clearly about how to use their networks to get things done

- get clearer about their personal purpose and bring passion back to what they do

- build their confidence and get more out of networking situations

- change career mid-life

- connect again with what's most important to them and learn how to stay connected

- feel more grounded in their everyday lives

- feel really listened to for once, without judgement or obvious suggestions

We walk together, you talk, I listen and then help you decide what to do next.

We can do this in town or in the countryside*. I find that walking in nature really helps people when they need to get far away from the pressures of the everyday and reconnect to themselves. Walking around your usual neighbourhood can be more convenient especially if you decide you'd like to meet regularly, but I'll probably suggest we head for the nearest park or green space anyway!

And we can have our sessions on Skype if that's the best way for us to connect quickly.

Fill in this form to book a free half-hour phone consultation to see how I might help you.

*I'm based in Guildford in the south-east of the UK, but London is not the only town and my bit of Surrey is not the only countryside!