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Getting My Own Stuff Sorted Out

I've had this domain name since 2002 (maybe a little before?). It's changed in function over that time, but it was always distinct from my main blog.

And then lots of shiny new things came along and my writing, audio, video and photographs got spread all over the place, sometimes in places that weren't sustainable in the long-term.

I'm now trying to pull all that stuff together in one place and this seems to be the best place to do it. So it's a messy work in progress that will one day grow up to be a dazzling example of order and common-sense organisation.

Just like me, really.


Getting Started

This project will begin with a collection of short video responses to three questions:

In your opinion:

  • What is the web for? What is its primary purpose
  • What do you mostly use the web for?
  • What do you think your parents use the web for? / What do you think your children use the web for? (Depending on age of participant)

You may remember this from when I did some initial try-outs with Tuttle people. This project is about asking a broader range of questions and opening it up to a much broader population. My guess/prejudice is that there are at least two main groupings: those who see the web as being about connecting people with information and those who see it as about connecting people with other people. But I'm also interested to see what shades of grey there are between these groups, what perspectives I'm ignoring and whether there's a difference between generations. There's also something interesting about what people say they do and what they think other people are doing.

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