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Progressing really slowly


So I set this instance up on a new server on Saturday at - I didn't have time to set up a certificate for https so I started that process on Sunday.  I was interested to see that Amazon (this server is on AWS) offer certificates for free, so I went ahead with that without realising that it could take 72 hours - it's still pending now on Tuesday afternoon.  While I was at it of course I redirected my DNS from but that then meant that I can't somehow get to the old server unless I change it back in which case the certification will probably fail.  Gah! So patience is required.

I'm thinking now about how to document what I'm doing but also how to organise the work to get this whole thing sorted out.  

Updating Known

This is supposed to be as simple as checkout the latest version on github and "back up your database and overwrite your Known files except your upload directory and your config.ini file." I will let myself get a bit more settled before I try that again. (Although there's a tradeoff between this and how much I've added.)

Adding archives

No matter whether I'm using a service or not I have archives from it.  This means that part of the job is the same for instagram as it is for, say, qik except the instagram one keeps getting updated.  This implies that I (at least on-site) should start with sorting out the workflow for current services: twitter, fb, insta, steemit and then deal with clearing up the past.  Of course there are plenty of preparation tasks for the archive stuff before it gets loaded up and there's nothing to stop me from starting with the old stuff that isn't going to get updated except this is what I've been thinking about for some time and it hasn't happened yet.  Perhaps I need to free up the current stuff and then I'll have some more motivation to do the old stuff.

Todo on archives

I thought I'd start with testing imports from the extant blogs I've got.  Turns out there are 26 of them, although some of these are just domain-squatting/bright ideas that never got anywhere.

I've brought in a one-pager from "What's The Web For?" a very short-lived idea.  This reminded me that everything needs an "Originally published at: " notice preferably with a working permalink.  I'm not sure how to do that at scale.  

Then I took in the I&DeA Rural Excellence Blog that I did for a conference in 2006.  One post with borked Flickr links and shortcodes eg [youtube = ].  erk.